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Our Mission

To create backpacks that make a statement. Bold, sexy backpacks that not only look great but are exceptionally practical and destined to become a trusted companion for many years to come.

Why did we start Alfie Reid?

Why do all backpacks look the same? That’s what my wife and I asked ourselves (and each other) on the train heading home from work one day. Sat on the tube opposite a sea of black nylon with the occasional glimpse of brown leather we had a eureka moment and from an idea and a vision Alfie Reid was born.

Our mission was to change the world. Well, the world of carrying stuff around anyway. We wanted to create fine quality backpacks that would last for ages but also look sexy and feel great to own and carry. Something that would stand out from the pack!

The dream became a reality

We sat down together later that evening and threw around some ideas of what we wanted to create. Our list of must haves was clear;

* A strong bold backpack that makes a statement 
* Simple, unfussy but designed for purpose and built to last
* 100% handmade in Britain by expert craftsmen from the finest materials
* Instantly recognisable as an Alfie Reid the world over.

6 months later after many a sleepless night and grumpy mornings the first backpacks emerged from our factory in Carlisle. The Shoreditch and Faringdon were born.

Our vision for the future?

Watch this space ... the backpack is just the beginning. We will be expanding the Alfie Reid philosophy to other carryalls in the very near future.

The future is bright, bold and built to last.

Any Questions?