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Vacation vs staycation and the joy of a city break

Posted by Andrew Allfrey on
Vacation vs staycation and the joy of a city break

Now that we are finally on the move again and our thoughts turn to a well deserved break away from home, the question for many of us is; vacation vs staycation? 

The delights of a trip abroad are clear. Great weather, new culture and be it a city break or beach holiday, whether you're a culture vulture or sun worshiper, the different sights, sounds and experiences are an escape from the normal routine. The risk however in this post lockdown era, of the chance that Covid may rear its head again in our chosen destination, or that the government may slap a quarantine order on our return home is too worrying for many of us to venture far afield at the moment.

Enter then the joys of a staycation and a break away from home enjoying the delights and all that the UK has to offer.

Will it be a buzzing city break in London, Edinburgh, Manchester or another great UK city, or a small town with easy access to the country for an urban and rural adventure in one.

The great thing about a city break whether at home or abroad is the huge variety of things to see and do and the ability it affords for every day to be different. Whether you are into architecture and culture, galleries and museums, great restaurants and bars or just fancy spending the day shopping with a great lunch to break the day - unless you have a literally burning desire to be prone on a beach for a week or two- the city break has it all.

Reasons to choose a city break are many and varied but consider the following:

A lot of adventure to be had in little time: 

Limited annual leave means the city break gives us the chance to pack in a load of experiences somewhere new at relatively low cost in a limited amount of time - and we can do it again and again making the most of even long weekends.

Travelling light

 No need to pack, drag and pay for endless amounts of luggage.For a short city break a great backpack or a holdall is usually plenty of space to pack a couple of outfits, toiletries, a laptop or iPad and a comprehensive city guide. 

Sustainable travel

A city break (particularly a UK one) allows us to take lower carbon heavy modes of transport than long flights and of course once the destination is reached most cities can be easily explored on foot or by local transport.

Budget friendly:

Of course it's possible to go for a 5 star spurge city break anywhere in the world but with so many options to choose from with a bit of research and careful planning it’s easy enough to find options to suit all budgets and tastes. 

So whether you opt for a vacation or a staycation this year exploring the delights of a city break has much to recommend it and there are plenty of great cities to explore right here at home. 

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