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Top tips to ease the daily commute

Posted by Andrew Allfrey on
Top tips to ease the daily commute

The daily commute can be a grind, a chore and at worst a nightmare but for those who commute daily, it's valuable time that can be used effectively or at least made easier with some of these ideas.

Listen to new music, a podcast or use the time to learn a new language. (The last one is probably best done if you travel by car to avoid treating other commuters to your slow Spanish rendition of “can I have the bill please waiter”)  

Switch off entirely from all things laptop or headphones related and meditate. If you can't get into a Zen like state on the 6.35 to Paddington then consider using the commute to plan your day or reflect on progress with your goals. It could be work or personal, but time spent each day reviewing your progress, strategy and next steps is time well spent.

If you're on public transport use the time to read. Only work material if you absolutely have to but, if you can, lose yourself in a good novel and you’ll make some quality personal time out of the journey. 

Leave 10 minutes earlier. Reduce the stress by planning some extra time into your journey. Often just an extra 10 minutes can make the difference between arriving frazzled or, at least slightly, serene.

See if you can avoid it altogether. In this new COVID normal , more companies are open to the idea of working from home. Even if you can do it  just a couple of days a week then let more time with the family, at the gym or even, ( we won't judge) pressing the snooze button, can replace the commute entirely. 

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